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Info at a Glance

What is the Auckland Half Marathon Series?

The Auckland Half Marathon Series (often abbreviated to AHMS) draws together the five biggest and best half marathon events in Tamaki Makarau / Auckland. The series begins with the Devonport Half Marathon in October and concludes with the Waterfront Half Marathon in April. You can find out more about the events and dates here.

There are three main features to the series which set it aside from the individual events; the Series Pass, the Series Points Competition and the Grand Slam medal.

The Series Pass offers entry to all five events in the series for a single, hugely-discounted, price. Series Pass entrants also enjoy a number of free gifts as well as having all race numbers delivered by courier in advance of the first event. You can find out more on the Enter Now! page.

The Series Points Competition allows you to measure your performance right through the season and compare how you performed against others in your distance, gender and age division. You'll accumuate points every time you finish one of the events - no matter where you place - and the top overall place-getters are awarded superb trophys at the Grand Finale - the Waterfront Half Marathon - in April. You can find out more about the points competition and how it works, here.

The Grand Slam medal is a stunning award given to those who finish all five events in a single Series. This is serious piece of hardward for a serious achievement and medals are collected at the Grand Finale / Waterfront Half. Note that you do not need to enter with a series pass to earn a Grand Slam medal - five single-race entries work just as well. Finishing is all that counts. Head here to find out more about the Grand Slam and the rules around it.

How Do I Enter?

You can register for any single event in the Auckland Half Marathon Series on the web site for that event. For a full list of events, dates and links to the web sites, go here.

However, for the best value - and some outstanding schwag - a Series Pass is by far your best option. Not only does a Series Pass ticket secure entry into all five events in the series, but it also includes awesome free items like the world famous AHMS Hoodie and Tour T-Shirt. For full details on the entry packages and inclusions, head over to the here page.

When & How Will I Get My Stuff?

If you register at least four weeks prior to the first event in the series (see dates and events here) your personalised race bibs for all five events will be sent to your nominated address by courier (remember to update your details through our portal if you change address). This package will also include your free AHMS items including hoodie, tour-tshirt and other items (the exact items included in your Series Pass are noted on the Enter Now! page). If you ordered other merchandise items such as Run More gear or event tshirts then these will also be included if they are available (in some rare cases, certain items may not yet be in stock at our warehouse, in which case a note will be included in your courier pack to collect these items from the appropriate race venue).

If you register between one and four weeks out from the first event, you'll still get your five personalised bibs and associated schwag as described above, but you'll need to collect them from the event venue during the standard Race Pack Pickup hours for the Devonport Half Marathon. You can find full details on that on the Devonport Half Marathon web site [opens in new tab].

If you like to keep things spicy and exciting and wait to purchase your series pass until during race week for race one (Devonport Half Marathon) then you'll still need to collect your pack at the venue as described above. However, you will receive a LATE REGISTRATION bib number for Devonport Half Marathon and then we will issue standard race bibs for all four remaining series events as those events arise. These standard bibs will be personalised for you, but you will need to collect each one from that particular race venue during race weekend.

Important! A valid race number, held in your name for the event, must be worn by everyone taking part in any of our events. You must not give your race number to anyone else unless it has been properly transferred into their name (we do not charge a fee for this). Disqualification and potential lifetime ban await those who violate this vital safety and participation rule.

AHMS T-Shirt

When registering, you'll be able to purchase one of our exclusive, subimated AHMS tshirts. These are available in strictly limited quantities and both the "Blue" and "Red" versions are now sold out. For 24/25 series, we are introducing our AHMS "Black" tshirt, featuring a bold geometric design on a black background with white AHMS logo on the front. These tshirts are awesome value at $39 each and early-orders wil be shipped with your other Series Pass items.

What Are the Rules & Regs?

Each event in the AHMS is governed by our Participation and Competition Rules. You can review these on the Running Events Help web site here [opens in new tab].

There are also some AHMS specific rules regarding the Points Series Competition and also Grand Slam medal qualification.

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